Check your tradie

Building trades licence.png

Recent media stories have highlighted the need to use only licensed, qualified builders and contractors.

Unlicensed work that fails causes all sorts of headaches as unlicensed tradesmen are generally uninsured. Rectification work not covered by insurance could be costly, time consuming and stressful.

NuVision Building uses only licensed, qualified trades people that are fully insured. Many of our contractors have been working with us for over 10 years.

NuVision Building’s principal, Richard, has held a Builders licence for 23 years and has been, and continues to be, the nominated supervisor for NuVision Building for the past 5 years. A certain amount of Continuous Professional Development, CPD, must be carried out annually to maintain a Builder’s licence.

NuVision Building also has all the necessary public liability, construction risk and home warranty insurances.

If uncertain about your chosen builder or trades person, go to the NSW Department of Fair Trading website for more information and to do licence checks.

Nicholas Barrett